What Jesse Ventura Said Should Happen To The Statue Of Liberty Is Absolutely Insane..

There are some people in the world that when you hear them talk for the very first time you think that they have a lot of sense but the more you hear them speak you realize that they are completely out of their tree.

The fool’s parade of leftist cranks continues to march to the beat of a very different drummer than that of mainstream America. Not only do these people talk as if they don’t live in the same country but in many cases, one has to wonder if they are even in the same universe anymore.

Yes, it’s really gotten that bad. Such is the case with former Navy SEAL, professional wrestler, actor and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura who has long slipped off the grid of what any rational person can define as sanity.

I admit that I always got a kick out of Ventura and his iconoclastic bombast, he even made some very good point about the Deep State on occasion but let’s face it, the 66-year-old has drifted very far to the left in recent years, so far that he seems to have completely lost his marbles.

Leaving aside his personal vendetta with deceased American hero Chris Kyle aka “American Sniper” and his family, for the time being, Ventura has now become an outspoken ambassador for legalized pot and dabbles in amnesty for illegal aliens.

It was the latter that finds him once again in the news over some outlandish comments that popped out of his mouth.

Mr. Ventura has called for throwing open the borders to illegals who can assist with the job in rebuilding Florida and Texas (ostensibly they will then find other ways to undercut American workers) and is scoffing at the concept of a border wall, one of President Trump’s initiatives.

He also states that if a border wall does get built, that the Statue of Liberty should be taken down.


Via P.J. Media “Jesse Ventura: If Border Wall Goes Up, Statue of Liberty Must Come Down”: Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura said the federal government should open the United States’ borders to undocumented immigrants who could help rebuild Texas and Florida after the recent hurricanes.

“Who’s going to do this cleanup? The white people? I think we should open our borders and bring the Mexicans up; we’ve got a lot of work for them, cleaning up Houston and cleaning up Florida,” Ventura said during the Nexus Conference in Aspen, Colo., over the weekend.

“Who’s going to do that work? You? Think about it. These are hardworking people. We want them – and let’s remember something, unless you are ‘native United Staten,’ we are all immigrants, aren’t we?” he added. “How quick we forget. And if they want to put this wall up, I’ll tell you what they need to do – take down the Statue of Liberty, take it down, take it down. Why have a statue that is meaningless? That statue says send us your poor, send us your this, send us your that.”

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