Well, Looks Like Mittens Romney Said Some Stuff He WISHES He Could Take Back Now!

There’s probably a list somewhere, a really long one….one that makes a Stephen King novel look like a pamphlet for renewing your plates at the DMV of things Mittens Romney wishes he could prevent his past self from saying.


Mitt Romney has waged an all-out war in the 2016 Presidential campaign, and he isn’t even running. He has called for a number of things to happen for this election cycle, most notably a contested convention. But, wait Mitt, aren’t you against that?

In 2013, Romney did an interview with The Boston Globe, stating, “I’m concerned that there’s an effort on the part of some to move toward caucuses or conventions to select nominees, and I think that’s a mistake.”

He continued, “I think we should reward those states that award delegates to the convention based upon primaries. Primaries are the place where you see whose message is connecting with the largest number of people.”

I guess when the candidate is a member of the typical “Good ol’ boys club” to which Mitt belongs, a contested convention is out of the question. Yet when the candidate is an outsider, then it’s okay.

But I’m not really sure why we would be surprised at Mitt’s switch. Indeed, the man has a history of changing positions throughout his political career.

Let me count the ways for you, starting with the most recent. First, there is this obvious example, but during this election cycle he has publicly supported Kasich, then he has supported Cruz. He has taken money from Trump and then criticized him for it.

In previous election cycles, Romney has been exposed for changing positions on abortion, signing a n0-tax pledge, and has hedged his positions on a number of other positions. Flip-flopping is this man’s middle name.

Besides the above example, perhaps the most blatant case would be when he was running in the 1980s as a Massachusetts Senate Candidate. During that election, he distanced himself from President Reagan. However, during his Presidential run in 2012, he embraced many of the Gipper’s policies.

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