We Have Found Killary’s New Nickname..May Be The Best One Yet!

One thing about some people that tend to write stuff that is intended to be funny, they also tend to be the most truthful. The reason, or at least I feel is the reason for that, is that people who try to work in the vein of humor always start with a pinch of truth and then try to expound on it…

If Hillary Clinton was irked by Donald Trump’s nickname for her, “Crooked Hillary” she will be outright livid after taking a gander at the cover of the next edition of the New York Post.

“Grillary!” is the latest Hillary Clinton nickname – and it is displayed in big bold type for the world to read.

The New York Post cover features Hillary Clinton, in one of her infamous pantsuits, with a BBQ skewer running the length of her body. Shown next to Grillary as some succulent looking backyard cookout favorites roasting over the flames right next to the Democrat presidential candidate.

“Feds put the heat on Clinton with 3 1/2 hour interrogation,” the subheadline of the New York Post reads.

Perhaps Bernie Sanders might want to reconsider his comment saying he was sick and tired of hearing about her “damn emails.”


Hillary won’t likely be shamed out of the race, but if FBI agents put worth evidence worthy of an indictment, and the now tainted Loretta Lynch doesn’t move to stop them, the former First Lady could be in handcuffs before Thanksgiving.

“Tomorrow’s cover: Loretta Lynch falls under the Clintons’ corrupting influence” – a tweet from the New York Post reads.

If, by some horrible twist of fate, Hillary does get to move back into the White House, odds are against Lynch keeping her position.

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