HA! Water’s Opponent Is INVINCIBLE To Her Biggest Weapon And She Is Flipping Out…

Maxine Waters really has one defense for anything that is lobbed her way and that is to cry racism. She cries racism the same way that babies cry for their mothers when they need to be changed. California Rep. Maxine Waters, who has been playing the race card for decades, will face off against a Republican candidate in 2018 who will be difficult to label a “racist.”

Omar Navarro, a Latino, has challenged the liberal incumbent for California’s 43rd Congressional District seat, which is up for grabs next year, and he has already racked up a long list of big-name conservative supporters to help him be successful.

Among his supporters are several minorities, including Herman Cain, a 2012 Republican presidential candidate, and Pastor Darrell Scott, co-founder of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, according to Navarro’s campaign website.

This won’t be the first time Navarro has tried to unseat Waters, as he previously challenged her for the same House seat in 2016, but she won with more than 70 percent of the vote, the Los Angeles Times reported. Nevertheless, he said he has faith that the feat can be accomplished, despite his prior loss and the fact that 60 percent of voters in the district are registered Democrats.

“I had faith after Trump won that … we could topple someone like Maxine and win,” the 28-year-old Republican said. “That’s the reality of life. There are always upsets.”

Navarro told the LA Times he could conceive a path to victory by appealing to the district’s growing Latino population. As someone with a Cuban background, he has a unique perspective on the many issues surrounding immigration — a particularly hot topic around election season.

The Republican has emphasized the importance and responsibility of citizenship, advocating for increased security toward refugees seeking to resettle in the U.S., according to Bustle.

“Growing up, my grandpa told me that in Cuba, democracy was not an option,” Navarro’s website said. “Citizenship in the United States requires us to do more than complain about our problems – we have to work together to fix them.”

His stance on those issues hasn’t changed since the last election, but another seriously important aspect about his campaign has — his financial state.

Navarro has already raised more than $115,000 for the 2018 election — a significant increase from the mere $3,000 he raised in 2016, according to the LA Times.

He’s hopeful that the increase in funds will result in a better turnout than his 2016 bid, which, despite his loss, signaled that a change in the political winds could be on the horizon.

“When I ran last year, I received 25 percent of the vote, which means I got 11 percent more than the registered Republicans in the region, which means I transcended and got Democrats and Independents to vote for me,” Navarro told Breitbart News.

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