I don’t think I have ever seen a family in politics as crooked as the Clintons. I mean, look at how hungry they were for power they gamed the system so there was so way that Sanders could win last year. When you deal in as much crime as the Clintons do, eventually you’re bound to get caught. It’s not the first time the Clintons have been caught, of course, but for once, it may actually stick, and the family may be facing consequences of their crimes at last.

An unnamed federal investigator has confirmed that Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks, which would have given wrathful Hillary Clinton enough reason to have him murdered. (via Allen B West). Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, dropped the hint that Seth Rich was his source for the DNC emails long before this investigator came forward.

Why hint? Assange can’t just say the name of his sources. He needs other brave people to step forward and expose the deep state, and for that, they need to trust him and know he will NEVER reveal who they are.

Up until now, Seth’s status as the leaker was just a rumor, until this federal investigator stepped up to reveal what he saw at the scene of the crime. The federal investigator was tasked with looking at Rich’s computer shortly after his death, where he found that Seth had been in contact with a WikiLeaks director, Gavin McFadden. This director has now also died, which is likely why the investigator felt comfortable finally giving his name.

A private investigator, Ron Wheeler, also looked into the case. He said, “My investigation shows someone within the D.C. government, Democratic National Committee, or Clinton team is blocking the murder investigation from going forward…that is unfortunate. Seth Rich’s murder is unsolved as a result of that.”

The circumstances of Rich’s death certainly point to a motivated killer. Officially, the authorities called the crime a robbery. Someone walked up to Rich, who was walking home, and shot him in the back.

However, his watch, wallet, phone, and all of his credit cards were left behind. If nothing was stolen, how could it be a robbery? But, the authorities refuse to call the crime what it clearly was: a motivated political murder.

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