Trump Stepped To The Podium In South Korea And Let Little Kim Have It!

President Trump has done something when it comes to North Korea that no other President has done in recent memory, he has actually gotten tough with North Korea.

President Trump has other world leaders right where he wants them. Confused and worried that he may change their sweetheart deals with the United States. They have all gotten rich off our past leaders idiocy which is fine if we at least got concessions that made the world safer.

But we did not. So Trump has to go fix our bad trade deals and fix the weak security deals that Iran and North Korea are enjoying. It is not an easy job which is why we elected Trump to do it. We need someone who can go shake things up, get everyone respecting America again and get people to the negotiating table any way possible.

The carrot and the stick approach and none have played it better than Trump.

The media was gathered in South Korea for Trump’s big speech and they were all expecting him to rain down fire and fury on North Korea’s ‘Rocket Man.’

But in a shocking reversal that stunned the media into silence, Trump did the opposite.

“I really believe that it makes sense for North Korea to come to the table and to make a deal that’s good for the people of North Korea and the people of the world.”

As the media picked their jaws up off the floor Trump added a little stick to the negotiation according to The New York Post,

“I think we’re making a lot of progress. I think we’re showing great strength. I think they understand we have unparalleled strength. There has never been strength like it.”

Before adding that North Korea’s worst fears are coming true,

“So China is out trying very hard to solve the problem with North Korea. We hope that Russia, likewise, will be helpful. So if we get China, if we get Russia – and we have some other countries, but we want to get most of them – we think that things will happen, and they could happen very quickly.​”

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