Liberals Caught On Camera Believing That Trump And MLK Got In A Fight

As far as anyone knows, Donald Trump’s path never crossed with Martin Luther King. So any interaction with them would have been impossible unless someone came along and invented some kind of time machine.

Also, another thought is that they aren’t teaching things in school that they were teaching as recently as twenty or thirty years ago. For example, if you went to a school twenty of thirty years ago there was at least a couple of days where they would spend talking specifically about Martin Luther Kind Jr and his contributions to society.

Heck, if you lived in the day of being able to wheel a TV and a VCR into the classroom you might have seen a tape of the I Have A Dream speech.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s self-appointed role as the demagogic conscience of the reactionary, uninformed wing of the American left has worn thin fast.

That, alas, has made it sometimes difficult to remember that the ABC late night host — for all of his belligerent sanctimony — is surprisingly capable of incisive cultural commentary when he tries.

Perhaps the best example of this is his segment “Lie Witness News,” where Kimmel’s camera crew hits the streets of Hollywood to ask people about things that are, well, blatant lies.

For reasons unknown to God and man, people inexplicably go along with it (although I suspect it has something to do with the arrant stupidity of Californians or some sort of psychosocial tendency to believe anyone with a camera and a microphone that perhaps Stanley Milgram could better explain).

While this edition of “Lie Witness News” wasn’t quite as epic as the one where people actually congratulated North Korea on detonating a hydrogen bomb, it managed to come awfully close — particularly given the outrageous subject matter.

“It’s President Trump’s first MLK Day in office, and we wanted to do something special to commemorate that,” Kimmel told his audience Monday. “So we went out on the streets this afternoon and we asked people, ‘Whose side are you on in the Donald Trump-Dr. King Twitter war?’”

“Of course, Dr. Martin Luther King has been gone for 50 years,” Kimmel added as his audience laughed. “But did that stop people from weighing in on this impossible feud? No, it did not.”

The segment began with an interviewer asking people on the street, “We’re talking to people today about the big Twitter war that’s going on between Donald Trump and Dr. Martin Luther King. Why do those two not get along?” Cue absurdity:

“Well, it seems like Donald Trump isn’t really into, African-Americans, we’ll say,” one woman answered. “You know, obviously.”

 OK, well, that was dumb enough. Would you believe it got worse? Of course you would.

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