What ESPN Did During Trump’s Appearance At National Championship Is Absolutely Sickening…

When President Bush appeared before last year’s Super Bowl to do the coin toss, they made a very big deal of it with a lot of pomp and circumstance.

If President Trump suddenly got called into this year’s Super Bowl to kick a game winning field goal the television station would likely switch to another channel because they do not want to show him in any light that could remotely be construed as good. It’s sickening.

We learned a couple of things during the CFP National Championship Monday night in Atlanta: First, we learned that President Trump is wildly popular. Second, we got a reminder that the clowns at ESPN are as unethical, cowardly, and pathetic as ever.

President Trump attended the title game and took part in the pre-game ceremonies. Trump was met with raucous cheers when he entered the playing field. ESPN was silent. In fact, their announcers never mentioned Mr. Trump’s name before or after the ceremony he took part in.

Chris Fowler simply kicked it to the pubic address announcer before the national anthem. After the Star Spangled Banner was performed by Zac Brown Band and beautifully accompanied by David Walker & High Praise, mum was still the word from ESPN when they continued the broadcast toward kickoff.

The current President of the United States attended a major sporting event and participated in the pre-game ceremonies, yet the network covering the event never mentions the man. It’s simply because they hate him and frankly because they’re butt hurt that he always tells them to do you know what in their hat when they ask for interviews. Let that sink in, folks.

The showcasing of our national anthem was done well by college football. The NFL could learn something here. It was really a special moment. But instead of actually covering what just happened, ESPN fumbled.

The announcers don’t even mention President Trump after a rousing national anthem in which he stood proudly with military members and sang along with his hand on his heart. Imagine Obama were at the game.

They’d talk about what a ‘guy’ and what a ‘fan’ he was for ten minutes. Trump? NOT ONE WORD. Cowards. There’s no other way to put it. It’s dishonest and it’s weird.

The good news is, not many are falling for the ESPN propaganda. You can keep quiet all you want when the President is in attendance at a big ball game; but the silence of the ESPN lambs, or more appropriately, sheep, can’t silence the loud message of approval that reigned down on Trump from the fans of Georgia and the fans of Alabama.

It doesn’t matter if ESPN thinks Trump is hated. That’s “their truth”. The college football spectators in the seats voiced the truth.

All ESPN is really doing at this point is making themselves look silly. The network that swoons over Colin Kaepernick and Mike Vick just can’t face the facts. They hang on Steve Kerr’s every word but try to silence the Commander in Chief.

President Trump is here to stay and Americans love him. Sports fans love him. Patriots love him. ESPN can’t take it.

Throughout the ball game, which turned out to be a dandy, ESPN never showed President Trump. Not once. The President of the United States is there and ESPN pretends he is not. It’s laughable. Their visceral hate, while scary, is also comical. This championship match-up was played indoors but there were plenty of snowflakes nonetheless.

When Spike Lee is at MSG to watch the Knicks or when Jack Nicholson takes in a Lakers game, ESPN will be sure to let you know. Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Nets? Heck, that’s an ESPN lead story. But when Donald Trump takes part in a wonderful ceremony honoring our exceptional country, the worldwide leader in hacks gets tongue tied.

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