The Reason Why This Loudmouth Wants A Bunch Of Free Stuff Is Absolutely RIDICULOUS!

You know, sometimes you run across people who have legitimate gripes when it comes to wanting free stuff. For example, if you ordered a pizza and it was completely wrong by the time it was delivered to you…However…

pain in ass

A loud mouth woman was caught on video demanding free stuff from a store owner. She said she was entitled to free things because she is descended from slaves.

The woman’s facts don’t line up with reality, though. She claims her 104 year old grandma who died just a year prior was a slave.

Slavery ended a lot longer than 105 years ago. And besides that, these store owners had nothing to do with that.

They were the children of African immigrants, but this woman still felt entitled to take what she wanted from their store as a form of reparations.

Someone please get this woman a Bernie Sanders shirt! She wants everything redistributed to her!

This woman’s tirade just outed her as a racist as she rants against immigrants and Indians and the Vietnamese. “Go back to your country!”


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