The Real Reason Behind The Dallas Police Massacre Revealed!

It scares me that people are so easily manipulated into being pawns for the state sometimes. I mean you don’t really think that the people that killed those Dallas police officers did it just because they woke up one day and decided to do it? No, this was an ambush plain and simple. But it was an organized ambush, and I really don’t think that the BLM thugs responsible would have been able to pull this off on their own…The “False Flag PSYOPS” never stop and will only intensify until the election, if there even is a presidential election!


What a way to change the national conversation from the Comey fiasco?!


What a way to change the national conversation from the Comey fiasco?!

State of the Nation

Obama, Clinton et alia absolutely had to distract, divert and misdirect in the wake of the unparalleled damage that FBI Director James Comey has inflicted on the FBI, on the Justice Department and on the Obama Administration. TPTB know full well that the only way to effectively distract from such an overwhelming political bloodbath (Comey’s performance in Congress) is to outdo it with a real bloodbath.

SOTN is extremely sorry to say that we warned exactly about this predictable eventuality. And so it has come to pass in Dallas.


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Deadly Dallas Standoff Ends After Final Suspect Shoots Himself; Five Policemen Killed


So, here’s how this one went down.

Second US police shooting in two days sparks outrage

First, they take out two completely innocent black minorities by rogue policemen (see preceding link) in order to provide a plausible pretext for a massacre … of five policemen while wounding 7 other cops.

Snipers kill five police officers in Dallas, wound seven others during protest

Do you get it?!

Now all of this just happens to take place on the very day that FBI Director James B. Comey is giving the most deceptive, deceitful and dissembling testimony ever publicly rendered to the US Congress.  Yes, it was a bloodbath to end ALL political bloodbaths. Couldn’t get any worse … unless, of course, Comey had fallen on his sword (a real steel sword) right there in front of millions of viewers in living color—RED!

Then Obama decides to do Dallas … AHH, not that far from the site of the Kennedy assassination.

What better way to shift the attention of the whole country … and stir up sympathy for the USA’s law enforcement agencies.  With the FBI under intense scrutiny, now the Director himself has an opportunity to rehabilitate himself.  As if he can ever recover from the worst public betrayal of the American people in U.S. history.

This highly strategic use of extremely violent false flag operation is really over the top. Quite unfortunately, however, it will only continue to get worse … much worse!  Right up until and probably beyond November 8th.

So stay alert and be safe.  We need every patriot out there to fight this Second American Revolution … peacefully, of course, unless TPTB will not leave without a fight.



It is really critical for the American people to fully understand that the latest version of NDAA unlawfully gave the U.S. Federal Government terrorist powers to stage false flag mass shootings, bombings and assassinations ON U.S. SOIL in the interest of ‘National Security’. Every time Obama & Company engineer and perpetrate these criminal false flag operations, they do so as a result of illicitly arrogating power unto themselves in order to ‘legally’ get away with them.

The following extended essay explains why the NDAA is perhaps the most dangerous piece of legislation ever approved by the U.S Congress.  It’s especially dangerous to the American people and their property.

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