He Made Fun Of Sarah Sanders’ Weight. What He Says His Apology Proves Is Absolute Nonsense

Earlier in the week, we had another case of a liberal not having a proper way to combat or counter something that a conservative said so that guy had to take and go straight for the awful in a terrible verbal attack on Sarah Sanders.

David Horsey, the Los Angeles Times columnist who described White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a “slightly chunky soccer mom,” apologized on Wednesday in his first televised interview since the controversy, adding it’s what “real men” do when they “goof up.”

In his column last week entitled, “Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the right mouthpiece for a truth-twisted president,” Horsey wrote that Sanders does not look like the women with whom President Donald Trump generally surrounds himself.

“Sanders looks like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for kids games, rather than the fake eyelashes and formal dresses she puts on for news briefings,” the columnist contended. “Sanders seems as if she’d be more comfortable in sweats and running shoes.”

The online backlash was immediate, causing Horsey to remove the offensive portions of his column that day and issue a written apology for failing to meet his own and others’ expectations of him.

On her NBC Today program on Wednesday, former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly grilled Horsey about his column, in which he also described FNC’s female personalities as “blond Barbie dolls in short, tight skirts.”

Horsey, 66, claimed that he has tried to be a “champion and ally of women” his whole career, but blamed his lapse in judgement on the misogynistic culture in which he came of age.

“I grew up in the same sexist world everybody else did and stuff just comes out,” Horsey said. “This is a lifelong process where you just try to get better every day and sometimes your brain goes crazy or you get into a difficult spot that you didn’t expect to get into because you slipped into kind of a cliché way of thinking.”

Kelly was intent not only on getting Horsey to address his observations about Sanders, but also those concerning her former Fox News colleagues.

“You know I was at Fox News for 13 years, and I think I’m uniquely qualified to speak to the women there and what they’re like,” Kelly said.

“I asked myself when I saw that, ‘Who does he mean?’” she continued. “Does he mean Lea Gabrielle, who fought as a Navy fighter pilot for our country in Afghanistan before becoming a Fox News personality? Melissa Francis, who graduated with an economics degree from Harvard? Catherine Herridge, who has a Stanford and Harvard degree?”

“To me these are not blond Barbie dolls in short, tight skirts, and I think I speak for a lot of them, when I say that part was equally offensive,” the former attorney added, which caused her largely female audience to erupt into applause.

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