COME ON: Rhode Island Passes Bill To Keep Trump Off 2020 Ballot…

Rhode Island has always operated just a little bit backwards.

One story from American History that they probably didn’t tell you in high school is that by the time George Washington took office and he began touring the states, there was one that he didn’t visit…Rhode Island.

The reason was that Rhode Island hadn’t officially ratified The Constitution and by that logic President Washington said that it would be akin to him entering a foreign country.

It was announced today that the state Senate of Rhode Island passed a piece of legislation which would require that all presidential and vice presidential candidates make their personal tax returns public, otherwise they would not be allowed on the state’s ballot.

The bill passed with a 34 to 3 vote, and is now on its way to the state House.

The head sponsor of the bill, Democratic Senator Gayle Goldin, stated that every single person who has run for presidency in the United States since President Richard Nixon has released their personal tax returns voluntarily. President Donald Trump, however, did not.

Goldin demanded, “Tax returns provide essential information about candidates’ conflicts of interest.”

While Trump was running for presidency, liberals gave him a very hard time for not releasing his tax returns to the public. In May of 2016, Trump stated that he did not release the information because the filings were under audit by the IRS. He then stated that he would release the returns once the IRS completed it.

It was stated by the IRS that a candidate is still able to release their own tax information, despite the fact that an audit is taking place. reports of Trump’s tax returns:

The only portion of his tax returns to come out publicly was part of his 2005 return, which was leaked to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in March 2017.

During a 2016 presidential debate, Hillary Clinton accused Trump of refusing to release the returns because they would show his failure to pay federal taxes.

“That makes me smart,” Trump countered.

The Associated Press reports: The Rhode Island Senate has passed a bill that would require presidential and vice presidential candidates to file five years’ worth of tax returns in order to appear on the state’s ballots.

The Senate voted 33-3 in favor of the measure. A House version has been held in a committee.

It was stated by spokesman for the Senate, Greg Pare, that if the bill passes, Trump’s name would not be on the 2020 ballot, unless he were to make his tax returns public.

Goldin did not mention Trump exclusively, when sponsoring the bill, but she did say, however, that “this president” was the first presidential candidate since Richard Nixon to not release the documents.

The Associated Press reports that Goldin stated, “Tax returns provide essential information about candidates’ conflicts of interest” which aren’t available to the public otherwise.

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