After A Reporter SCREAMED At Trump And Told Him To Attack Putin, He Got Embarrassed Big Time…

Reporters used to be reporters, they used to ask what were generally accepted as reasonable questions.

Even by people that they were sort of going after as we all understand the meaning of that term, they were considered reasonable and fair questions.

Now, reporters more or less act like the drunk heckler in a comedy club. What happens to a drunk heckler in a comedy club if they open their mouth too much?

President Trump just held a Press Conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the liberal media was the first to use this moment to throw punches straight at Trump’s face. 

Directly after President Trump’s recent press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the liberal news on Trump’s performance was harsh. Just as expected from the leftist mainstream media.

However, many thought President Trump looked like he was sucking up to Putin.

This is a distressing thing to hear an American president do. Even the views from his supporters made it apparent that the meeting in Helsinki was an influential moment of Trump’s presidency.

When things were just at the boiling point reporter screamed at President Trump and asked him to condemn and attack the Russian President to his face for interfering in the 2016 election. 

According to subjectpolitics: The reporter said the “intelligence agencies” have all concluded that Russia interfered with the election, and asked Trump if he believes them or Putin. The liberal media is continuing this narrative because they are trying to delegitimize the President.  Pres. Trump’s response left the media in stunned silence and completely embarrassed them.

Pres. Trump turned the question around and pointed out why we shouldn’t just blindly accept the “intelligence community” at their word because they may have been on Hillary’s side.

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