WATCH: Pelosi LOSES It On Audience Who Doesn’t Applaud For Her Speech…

Every time that the average person has to listen to Nancy Pelosi talk the mind tends to wander, mostly towards the thought that someone messed up and let her speak in front of a camera again.

She is like that person all of us know either at work or in  private life where they go to tell a joke and then the joke falls on its butt like nobody’s business. They then look at you and ask if you are going to laugh.

She wants to talk about the alleged mental state of different people in office yet her mental state is in question herself.

Nancy Pelosi had her own Jeb Bush moment when she twice asked the audience to clap during her speech honoring Bob Dole at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Pelosi thanked numerous lawmakers for setting up the event honoring Dole, who is receiving a Congressional Gold Medal. Before she moved on, she noted that the audience should have clapped.

“That was an applause line for our sponsors,” Pelosi said. Remember that there are her colleagues and other dignitaries in the room but she treats them like children. It’s so bizarre…This happens twice!

Not long after the first time she asked the audience to clap she said, “That could be an applause line, but I guess not” We’re wondering who she thinks she’s talking to. Her grandchildren? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Pelosi behave this way. It’s childish and very rude to the people attending this special ceremony.

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