After Criticizing NFL Protests, A CEO Was BOOTED From His Own Company

The story of the relationship between the NFL and many business around the United States can be best described using the poem All For The Want Of A Nail; for every action there is a reaction.

Since the anthem protests started en masse this football season there are a lot of other industries that have suffered but the MSM really doesn’t want to admit it. It’s not that dissimilar from how if a factory closes that the corner store near the factory will shut down, or the sandwich shop everyone went to lunch at will shut down.

Everything in any sort of business will trickle down at some point. Now, everyone knows that when folks watch sports they are more apt to order out to have something to eat while they are watching the game. Shoot, during the World Series earlier this year I think my family ordered pizza or something like that for at least half of the games.

If the owner of a business complains about something affecting his bottom line he shouldn’t be ran out of town over it.

The big kahuna of Papa John’s pizza has stepped down as CEO, paying the price for daring to criticize the NFL and its SJW problem children.

John Schnatter built Papa John’s into an empire so formidable that the company became the official pizza partner of the NFL. Life was good for the pizza king who lorded it over established competitors like Dominoes and Pizza Hut.

But it all changed in early November when Schattner used a conference call to tear into his NFL partners, blaming falling sales on the controversial national anthem protests.

Schattner emphatically stated that “the NFL has hurt us” and “we are disappointed the NFL and its leadership did not resolve this.”

After coming under heavy fire Schattner abruptly reversed himself and under pressure from left-wing activists and media who accused Papa John’s of being the official pizza of the Alt-Right, apologized for offending the cult of Kaepernick.

Papa John’s also told “racists” to take their business elsewhere. The problem with this is that the media has been successful in labeling all of the 63 million Americans who voted for President Trump as exactly that.

There is nothing quite like alienating your customers and Schattner should have stuck to his guns. Now he is gone.

Via The Hill: “Papa John’s CEO to step down after NFL protest comments”: John Schnatter, the founder and CEO of the pizza chain Papa John’s, is stepping down from his position after he made comments about NFL protests during the national anthem that sparked a wave of white supremacist support for the brand.

The pizza chain confirmed that the company will promote Steve Ritchie to chief executive officer in a news release, but did not give a reason for Schnatter’s ouster as CEO.

Papa John’s released the following statement: The world’s third-largest pizza delivery company, today announced the promotion of Steve Ritchie to Chief Executive Officer, effective January 1, 2018.

Mr. Ritchie, 43, started with Papa John’s in 1996 as a customer service representative at $6 per hour. In 2006, he became a Papa John’s franchise owner and operator, then in 2010 began serving in increasing capacities of leadership in operations until being promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2014. Ritchie was added to the succession plan for the company’s top job in 2015 when he was named President.

“I am so proud of Steve – he has excelled at every job he’s ever held at Papa John’s – from being an hourly customer service rep, to a delivery driver, store general manager, director of operations, franchisee and most recently President,” said Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter. “With 120,000 Papa John’s corporate and franchise employees, Steve will put the spotlight on our pizza and the most important ingredient – our team members. We couldn’t have a more proven leader to guide Papa John’s through its next stage of growth.”

No reason was given for Schattner’s ouster but it’s perfectly clear that his sins were criticizing the racially-tinged protests as well as biting the hand that fed him.

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