One Picture Absolutely DESTROYS Every Argument The NO WALLERS Will Ever Have…

Anyone that is against with some kind of a border wall between Mexico and the United States should do the following: take the door off the front of their house, take all the money out of their bank account and spread it on their living room floor and advertise their Social Security number in the newspaper.

Ever since President Trump arrived on the scene, liberals have had a bad case of wall-o-phobia. The Left would have us believe that a border wall is somehow the ultimate symbol of racism, prejudice, bigotry, discrimination, xenophobia, and whatever other buzzword they want to throw out.

Nothing unravels the liberal talking points like good old-fashioned logic. This picture decimates the notion that a wall on our border with Mexico is somehow “racist.” It reminds everyone that Mexico has a wall along their southern border, but their wall, for whatever reason, is not considered “racist” by liberals.
 It’s funny how a few words and a couple of red lines show just how absurd liberals are when it comes to the idea of a wall. Really, they just want to disagree with President Trump no matter what he says, even if they have to go against reason to do it.

Why do the most rabid anti-Trumpers never bring up Mexico’s wall? Are they calling for the Mexican government to tear down its wall? Are they in the streets demanding that Mexico open its doors to unlimited Central American immigration?

You will never hear a Democrat calling for any of that. The reason: they don’t actually care about “free migration” like they profess. They only want to further their political agenda, and that means getting plenty of illegal immigrants who they can turn into loyal Democrats.

The globalist elites who run the Democrat Party win with open borders and illegal immigration. They get a never-ending stream of cheap labor. Why pay good wages and benefits when you can hire someone who’s used to making five bucks a day?

The Democrat politicians win, too. They get plenty of illegals to vote for them illicitly. All they have to do is promise them never-ending government handouts (paid by the taxes of hardworking American citizens) and they have the most faithful political base imaginable.

The people who lose are good, honest Americans. Our wages are continually going down because of the importation of cheap labor. Our neighborhoods become unsafe as they’re filled with third-world street gangs.

A wall like the one Trump has proposed is the most basic way to preserve America’s safety, affluence, and culture. But detractors have to find something to mumble about. For example, they say that building a wall like the one President Trump envisions is “impossible.” They forget that the Chinese built a MASSIVE wall that can be seen from outer space — and that was THOUSANDS of years ago!

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