Obama Gives World Leaders A SICK Ultimatum Right After Trump’s Travel Ban Goes Into Effect!

Over the recent few weeks Obama has been embarking on his Asian tour where he has been holding diplomatic meetings with other world leaders as merely a civilian.

This by the way, is a direct violation of the Logan act and an extremely serious federal crime. He was first seen with the President of China, then onto France and India where he claimed that the United States was suffering from what he referred to as a “temporary absence of American leadership.”

It seems that he is trying to blatantly usurp the President with these highly illegal actions and then slipped an extremely disturbing demand into his speeches proving that his current mission in life is to further the religion of Islam

Throughout his time as President, Obama made it quite cleat whose side he was on when it came to the fight against radical Islam.

His pandering antics would go into overdrive whenever there was a terror attack. He would use his platform to essentially lecture all of us while refusing to even use the words Islam or Muslim when speaking of the people who carried out the attacks.

His list of treasonous acts is almost too large to list for someone to read in one sitting but for one he had made it practically impossible for our military to defend themselves against terrorist.

It’s not a surprise that Barack is blatantly breaking federal law in an attempt to overthrow trump in an attempt to re assume the Presidency and further the mission of radical Islam.

During a stop in India recently, Obama took to the stage and practically demanded that the country cherish its Muslim population and attacking the country for not showing enough tolerance to the people who are attacking it.

This level of cockiness is startling form anyone but when yo u have to grade on a curve when you do with Barack Obama it is almost unheard of to have a former world leader make such demands of any other country, let alone his own.


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