DEFIANT FANS Stand Up and Sing NATIONAL ANTHEM After CA High School Announcer Tells Crowd There Will Be No National Anthem..

The playing of and standing for the National Anthem has always been something that was second nature to a lot of people, it was just something we all did out of respect.

Having grown up in an Air Force town, any time that there was some kind of event the National Anthem was played. If you went to a movie, they played it before the movie. If you went to a Little League baseball game on the base, there was someone with a radio ready to play a tape of the National Anthem.

Everything that I can personally think of has had the National Anthem played before it but now it seems that liberals are trying to somehow wipe the notion of the song off the face of the public consciousness.

When two high schools met to play for the D-1 championship title in a Fresno, California stadium, their fans were shocked to hear the announcer tell them there would be no national anthem.

After booing the announcement, it was how they responded that has Americans cheering for them and their decision to show their patriotism.

These fans were true role models for the kids on the field, and for Americans everywhere.

According to CBS News, hundreds of fans attending a game between Clovis High and Buchanan at Fresno State University’s Margie Wright Diamond on Friday were in disbelief when they learned the National Anthem wouldn’t be played. Despite this, they sang a cappella.

Watch the amazing display of patriotism here:

Tiffany Marquez, a fan who attended the game, took a video of the makeshift choir.

“Honestly, I was shocked (when) the announcer stated, ‘There will be no anthem, let’s just play softball,’” Marquez told the Fresno Bee. “Within seconds, you could hear people in the crowd singing and the volume of their voices building. There I was, standing in the middle of a true testament to unity and patriotism.”

Event coordinator Bob Kayajania took responsibility for the decision to not have the anthem played at the game.

“The national protocol is the first game of the session you have the national anthem,” Kayajania told the Bee. “The game after that are just played. We got caught. They started to play some music and the people took that as the national anthem and they all started singing, which I think is obviously a wonderful thing to show off their patriotism.”

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