Nancy Pelosi Just Took A Sick Shot At Every Republican In California..

Nancy Pelosi is one of those people that at the beginning, middle and end of the day doesn’t seem to know what she wants.

Just from listening to her for a minute or two you can tell she is the type of person that cannot decide whether she wants a pound and a half or a pound and a third of turkey when she goes to the deli.

One thing you can say about her is that she is a loyal soldier for the Democratic party. If the people whose thumb that she is under went out and told her to say that the sun rose in the north every morning she would be banging her dentures on the floor of the Senate trying to convince everyone in the chamber that it was the stone cold truth.

She wants California to be a liberal paradise where everyone can sexually assault each other and enter the country illegally at will. She doesn’t want anyone with any sense to be a part of the legislative process there. In other words, she wants the inmates running the asylum.

While Democrats proceed to rail against the Repiublican tax bill that was passed last week Wacky Nancy has become what may be its most outspoken critic. She’s not just going head hunting on the bill itself but on people that are Republicans that happen to live in California.

In a tweet, Pelosi added her thoughts to a comment California Gov. Jerry Brown made on the tax bill. Brown said, “It is evil in the extreme.”
Pelosi took it one step further:

The Congresswoman has also made it very clear that she thinks that this tax bill is not only bad for the United States; but at one point has even said that she thinks it is the end of the world. You know, the same way a kid thinks getting their allowance taken away from them for two weeks.

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