Michelle Obama Caught Reading Racist Propaganda To Young Schoolchildren

It can be said that often the best way to win a war of words with someone is find a way to use their own words against them so they have no defense that they could possibly mount that would make any sense.

Now, liberals want to automatically say that something is racist if it has any connection to a conservative whatsoever. For example, this deal with the First Lady donating books to a school where the librarian told her no thanks because Dr. Seuss was racist. Fine, if that is the game you want to play I am more than willing to join in as long as we have the same rules.

However, liberals don’t like it all that much when they have to use the same rules or be judged on the same scale that they would judge a conservative on. But let’s try it anyway for a moment…

Former First Lady Michelle Obama found herself in hot-water on Friday, after old photos surfaced on social media showing the First Lady promoting “racist propaganda” to young schoolchildren; sparking outrage from at least one school librarian.

Earlier Friday, First Lady Melania Trump fired-back at a Cambridge, Massachusetts school librarian after the educator rejected a donation of Dr. Seuss books; claiming the material was based on “racist propaganda and stereotypes.”

“To turn the gesture of sending young students some books into something divisive is unfortunate, but the First Lady remains committed to her efforts on behalf of children everywhere,” said a White House spokesperson.

Now, shocking images have appeared on twitter, clearly showing former First Lady Michelle Obama reading excerpts from far-right children’s author Dr. Seuss, including “The Cat in the Hat” and “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”

Users on twitter were quick to point out the blatant double-standard, adding that Dr. Seuss books weren’t considered “racist” until President Trump was sworn into office.

“Huh. I never knew President Obama was so racist,” wrote one user.

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