TRAITOR MANNING Is Running For Senate

There are some people that when you see them running for public office you almost have to think that it is some kind of joke. Imagine if you will you found out that someone running for office locally in your town had been convicted of a double homicide.

That would be almost agreeable when put against the comparison of someone who committed espionage AGAINST the United States government.

Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence specialist convicted for passing on a trove of classified military documents to WikiLeaks, has filed papers to run for Senate in Maryland and will mount a challenge for the seat, the Washington Times reports.

Manning’s 35-year sentence for violations of the Espionage Act was commuted by President Barack Obama as he was on his way out the White House door, with the president citing the “disproportionate” nature of the sentence as his justification for commutation.

Since then, Manning has taken on a self-appointed role as an activist for liberal causes, particularly transgender rights.

On Sunday, three days after filing papers to run for Senate, Manning confirmed a challenge to sitting Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin in the Democrat primary this year.

“yup, we’re running for senate,” Manning said in an eloquent Twitter announcement that contained the candidate’s first campaign video.

In the clip, Manning implied a link between the GOP and white supremacy via footage of the infamous Charlottesville, Virginia, rally and attacked Democrat leadership by showing Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer meeting with President Trump.

“We don’t need more or better leaders,” Manning said.

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“We need someone willing to fight. We need to stop asking them to give us our rights. They won’t support us. They won’t compromise.”

Saying that one isn’t a leader is an interesting campaign tactic (and by “interesting,” what I really mean is doltish), but I suppose you’ve got to go counterintuitive when you’re a convicted felon and a traitor whose policy ideas have mostly been adumbrated via random tweet-vomits.

Oh, and before you ask, there’s no law preventing felons from being elected to or serving in the U.S. Senate. Also, felons can vote in Maryland. Perhaps it’s time for Anthony Weiner to start shopping for homes in Chevy Chase.

Judging by the clip that was posted, the 30-year-old quisling plans to try and get out the insurgent, Bernie-loving base of the party’s left wing to win the nomination. Surprisingly, this might not be the worst strategy one can imagine. Sen. Cardin, while certainly liberal by any rational standard, is the kind of gormless party-line guy that antifa apologist types find unappealing.

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