VIDEO: Judge Jeanine Absolutely Obliterates Liberals Rooting For America To Fail Under Trump

The Trump Administration has brought out the most hateful words out of the most hateful of liberals.

In the past, even when someone did not agree with the commander in chief politically, they did their best to work together with him to get whatever job that needed to be done accomplished and the voters would tell their elected representatives to give whoever was in charge a chance.

All of a sudden, because Trump won the election they have to throw tantrums the likes of which have not been seen in an extremely long time.

Many on the left are actively rooting for America to fail if it means that Trump ends up looking bad.

It’s a despicable thing to even think about but liberals are starting to openly admit it.

Bill Maher came out the other day and said he was hoping for a recession which means he is actively hoping for American citizens to lose their livelihoods because he hates Trump.

From The Daily Caller: Comedian Bill Maher openly called for the next recession during a panel discussion on Friday night’s “Real Time” on HBO.

He said that he was willing to accept that it would hurt the American people in the short run as long as it meant getting rid of President Trump.

Unreal. Bill isn’t alone. We’ve seen plenty of liberals on television openly rooting against America.

Judge Jeanine is tired of it and she used her show opening to torch all the liberals who are putting politics before country.

From The Daily Wire: There was a time when liberals were known as people who were all-inclusive; they were generous souls fighting for the common man to assure his success and safety. But now, they’re not interested in success. No, they’re just angry. In fact, they’re furious.

We have a president who steamrolled the economy to historic heights, consumer confidence at an 18-year high, a stock market hitting record highs, tax cuts for everyone, and unemployment is not just down, there are actually more jobs than there are people to fill them.

Did you hear what I just said? More jobs available than there are people to fill them.

African American unemployment is at its lowest in the history of this country, and the same with Hispanics. Our businesses will be able to compete again as we get our mojo back on the world stage…

There was a time when America celebrated successes together.

When we came out with our kids on the streets in parades, waving our flags and teaching our children the importance of patriotism. Donald Trump is bringing America back in front of our eyes, and it’s time for the un-American haters to get on board.

Gotta love it.

She’s absolutely right. No excuse for that kind of behavior.

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