Judge Jeanine RIPS Obama Apart For His Anti-Cop Hate Speech!

Especially with the news that has come out that another mass shooting of police officers has occurred in Louisiana, you have got to think that any other leader apart from Obama would take his head out of his ass and at the very least PRETEND he gives a rat’s ass about police….

Democrats will use every lie to get support for their candidate.

Judge Jeanine Pirro will not overlook their cunning and corruptive ways.



The shooter named Black Lives Matter in his reasoning for murdering the cops, coupled with the fact that he wanted to “kill white people, and especially white cops”.

This comes directly off the heels of Obama’s speech talking about how cops aren’t doing their job to cater to the black communities of this country.

Obama puts the blame solely on police officers, regardless of the context and the situation, regardless of the facts. He pivots to cops as being the aggressors, instead of saying that the reason cops have such huge presence in black communities is because there’s a huge crime problem in those parts of the country. That wouldn’t do him any favors, however.

Here’s Judge Pirro’s response:

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