He pulled alongside dudes in a red pickup and they took road rage to a whole new level

YouTuber Subliminal Moto uploaded a disturbing video in which men in a red pickup truck with Texas plates pulled a gun on him when he pulled alongside their vehicle to find out what was up.

The men were filmed driving aggressively and it seemed they were not at all pleased with the way the group of motorcyclists were driving. The filmer of the video tapped on their window at a stop light to find out if something was wrong.

A gun was drawn and pointed in his direction, and expletives were shouted.

The story from the uploader’s mouth:

Okay, so a little bit of a back story. We are out riding and on the way to ride some trails off road. One of ours guys did get in the dirt for a min. Someone else came and said that he got it on camera. He went to the back of his vehicle and said he got his plates on camera too. The guy in the red truck didn’t like what he’d seen apparently and started flipping the bird and trying to get a reaction from everyone in the group. I went to ask why they are flipping me and everyone off and this is what resulted of that. Stay safe out there everyone, you never know what kind of person you are going to be dealing with at the end of the day. I am thankful to be alive. That sounds crazy to say, I am glad the gun didn’t go off. Even if it would have been an accident, because he clearly don’t seem to know how to handle the weapon.

This is taking road rage to a whole new, dangerous place.

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