Are The Kneelers Causing Goodell To Crack Under The Pressure

If the NFL were a corporate entity where they had regular employee review one would imagine that Roger Goodell would have been fired for cause a long time ago. There have been some interesting developments in the ongoing sh*tshow of the National Football League’s stalemate with the disciples of the messianic Colin Kaepernick.

Ratings continue to fall and there are at least some groups are planning on to boycott this weekend’s slate of games on the Veteran’s Day holiday, a humiliating poke in the eye to a league that has for years tried to present itself as a pargon of patriotism.

Corporate pizza-monger Papa John’s became the first sponsor to speak out publicly that the league’s tolerance of racial grievance protests during the national anthem are hitting the bottom line. Reports are that they are not alone although no other corporation has come forth at least as of this writing.

It appears that an attempt by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to smoke the peace pipe with Kaepernick in a one-on-one setting was rejected by the former player’s celebrity attorney who objected to there not being a mediator in the room. Further proof that Kaepernick is just a numbskull who was latched onto by a hot piece of tail with an extreme leftist agenda is no longer needed.

Then there were reports that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is prepared to sue the league and the other owners if Goodell’s long-awaited contract extension is approved. Jones has always been a critic of the kneelers as well as the long-term damage that their public snits are doing to the game and the profits of the owners.

On Thursday it looks like Goodell may have finally blinked and according to the New York Post, has commented that the protests are no longer desirable.

Via the New York Post “Roger Goodell: Why NFL players should stop protesting anthem”: Roger Goodell made it pretty clear: He wants to get past the issue of protesting during the national anthem. The NFL commissioner understands players aren’t protesting the American flag or the country’s military and its veterans, but he wants to see them stand and make a change in society in a different way.

“[I want to] get beyond what we call protest to progress, get to the point where we can make that positive change, because people come to our stadiums to be entertained, have fun, not be protested to,” he said at Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead Summit in the city on Wednesday.

Fighting social injustice by taking a knee during the national anthem has received backlash. Goodell, the NFL commissioner since 2006, said fans and sponsors have complained to him about it. Papa John’s has pulled the NFL logo from its advertising, while blaming the NFL for a downturn in profits.

There is no rule forcing players to stand. In October, the owners met with the players to discuss the issue, but there was no resolution.

“I think that’s one of the things I think when we have a platform the way we do is people seek to find that division, and I think that’s something we try to resist,” he said. “And in this case I’ve been very clear about this — the anthem, the respect for our flag is very important. So I want to see our players stand.”

Whether Goodell can cut the proverbial Gordian knot and somehow wriggle out of the fine mess that he has gotten himself into remains to be seen. The man has support but he has trashed the league’s brand to the point where it’s clear that he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel.

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