Oh Lord, Justice Ginsburg Says The Real Reason Hillary Wasn’t Elected Was…

My goodness folks, by the calendar on my wall it is almost a year since the 2016 election and it seems that liberals of any notoriety are still banging the drum to try to get people to buy whatever hogwash excuse they are giving for Killary not winning the election.

There was clearly a meeting at the liberal Fortress of Ineptitude to outline the talking point that Hillary Clinton was robbed of her rightful place in the White House by sexism. This has been one of Hillary’s major complaints as she tours the country blaming everyone and everything for her election loss.

Ginsberg sat down with Charlie Rose recently to perhaps prove she is still alive. The jury is still out on that. Watch the video and tell me if you think she is actually speaking or if that is just gas escaping her corpse.

To introduce this interview, Rose describes Ginsberg as “one of my favorite people” so you just know this is going to be some hard-hitting news.

 “When do you think we’ll see a woman as president?” Rose asked.

“When do I think?” asked Ginsberg confused. “Well, we came pretty close.

“Do you think sexism played a role in that campaign?” asked Rose, leading.

“Do I think so?” replied Ginsberg with even more confusion. “I have no doubt that it did.”

At that point the audience erupted in applause. For what reason, I have no idea. “Yeah! Sexism! Woo!” Liberals are very stupid people.

“Do you think it was decisive?” Rose asked of the sexism.

Once again Ginsberg couldn’t fully comprehend the question so Rose rephrased it as, “If Hillary Clinton would have been a man, she would have won that election going away?”

“There’s so many things that might have been decisive, but that was a major major fac-factor,” replied Ginsberg feebly.

It’s hard to argue with someone who is so clearly not in control of her facilities like this, isn’t it? According to Ginsberg, the major reason why Hillary Clinton is not our president is because she pees sitting down. It couldn’t possibly be that she is a horrible person, a horrible candidate, and ran a horrible campaign, could it? Trust me, Hillary being a woman is by far the thing people find least objectionable about her.

I’m not terribly shocked that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is towing the liberal party line and blaming sexism for Hillary’s loss. What I did find disturbing was seeing how frail and out of it she is. This is a Supreme Court Justice who makes very important decisions and she’s like a highly-sedated person who just came out of surgery.

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