If These Tweets Are For Real, The DNC Is In A True Death Spiral…

The death spiral of the DNC started last year when they began colluding against Bernie Sanders to ensure that the fix was in for Hillary Clinton.

Speaking personally, I am not fan of Bernie Sanders but anyone would have to admit that if you looked at the Democratic Party nomination process as an objective contest between two people that they stacked the deck big time against him.

New information about the DNC has come out straight from Donna Brazile herself. If the leaked information happens to be true, it may be the end of the race for the DNC, and this is just the beginning. The left’s brilliant idea to try and impeach President Trump is going down hill fast, and only getting worse as the days go by.

A big shot internet user has constructed a number of tweets. In Stealth Jeff’s tweets, information is given about what is really taking place behind the dark sheets, and if the facts end up being true, a lot of people in the Democratic Party are going to locked up.

Reported by theviralpatriots: Stealth Jeff may possibly be Brian Crates. (Crates was an investigative Journal for Breitbart when Andrew Breitbart was still alive.)

While this whole thing is speculative, it’s definitely worth reading, because if it turns out to be true we could have a real war amongst ourselves on our hands.

Stealth Jeff is relaying the narrative that it’s a possibility that President Trump knew about Uranium One the whole time. He is speculating that Trump and Sessions have been working together in the background to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Now that Mueller and Rosenstein may know about the details they might be working alongside President Trump and Jeff Sessions while they are publicly faking going along with the anti-Trump agenda of the Left.

The following was written by Stealth Jeff on Twitter:

1) This started either before Trump announced his run for President, or soon thereafter. Someone who knew what happened told him.

2) SOMEONE in the IC, likely military intel, sat Trump down & laid out the entire #UraniumOne bribery scheme.

3) How all across the breadth of the Obama Administration people in high offices took massive bribes to facilitate sell of uranium to Russia

4) It involved so many people, it compromised so many agencies, the people who did it counted on it never being exposed or prosecuted.

5) The lengths to which they corrupted our government offices to enrich themselves by selling out our country virtually ENSURED they’d walk.

6) People knew but nobody could talk, the people involved in the scheme were at the HIGHEST levels of the American government.

7) So patriots in our gov’t had their hands tied. There was nothing they could do to stop the sale.

8) Even after SOME of the dirty facts behind #UraniumOne became known in 2015, it was easily buried, ignored, passed by.

9) Somebody took a chance on Trump. They sat him down, walked him through what happened.
Ponder the impossible task being revealed.

10) Even if he WINS the election, he’d be taking over a gov’t that had been corrupted & compromised by the previous administration to a
11) degree that was almost unfathomable.
HOW do you go about restoring the US gov’t to what it should be, instead of what it’s become?

12) And Trump and his advisors came up with a plan.

A brilliant plan. An intelligence operation based on DECEPTION.

13) It started during the primaries when Trump began taking every opportunity he could to brag about what GOOD FRIENDS he’d be with Putin.

14) Trump literally could not seem to SHUT UP about how awesomely AWESOME his relationship with Putin was gonna be.

15) It became a running joke, a campaign feature, engendering much hand wringing & concern among Never Trumpers, including me at the time.

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