Democratic Donor Learns A HARD Lesson After Clinton Charity Shows Its True Colors…

We have all had moments where we have looked at our credit card or our bank statement and seen some relatively minuscule charge and wondered exactly how in the heck that got there.

For example, there was a streaming service that I used for a while but it later fell out of favor with me due to just not having the time to use. I had honestly remembered cancelling it and one day I looked at my bank statement and realized I had been getting charged ten dollars a month for what was apparently the previous three or four months.

Most reputable organizations will have no problem cancelling a recurring charge if you are not using a service. Heck, there was one once that refunded three months worth of service when I told them I hadn’t used it in forever.

Now, if Bill and Hillary Clinton’s name were on that streaming service, I would have not only not gotten my money back but would have still been getting charged to this day…

If you decided to donate to the Clinton Foundation or any of its multifarious tendrons before Nov. 8, 2016, sorry — there are no refunds.

I know for most Albanian billionaires hoping to score lucrative unobtainium contracts in the hills of West Virginia, that’s probably a crushing blow.

For the little donor — those of you who actually thought that a small bit of cash sent Bill and Hillary’s way each month would help out — well, suckers. But it’s probably not as much of a disappointment as, say, someone who thought they were going to get America to sell half of its oil fields for 50 percent below market value to the Chinese.

However, now that the Clintons are more or less gone from the national political stage, maybe you want to cut back. Tough luck. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s newest PAC doesn’t have a way to cancel monthly donation pledges, as one 29-year-old recently found out.

“Corey Koscielniak admits that $10.48 is ‘a really small amount’ over which to get frustrated,” the Seattle Times reported Saturday. “But Koscielniak’s decision to cancel a recurring monthly donation of that sum to Hillary Clinton’s nonprofit organization Onward Together turned into an odyssey that’s lasted several weeks.”

Onward Together was the “leadership” PAC that Hillary founded after her loss in the 2016 presidential election, because a) it shows she’s moving on from her loss together, with you and b) the Clinton Foundation has roughly the same brand reputation among Americans as Volkswagen diesels have among environmentalists.

However, there was a little bit of a problem with canceling his recurring donation. For monthly donors, Onward Together is a bit like the Hotel California: you can write a check any time you like, but you can never leave.

“The organization’s webpage didn’t allow him to cancel, and a phone call to the group didn’t seem to resolve things. The situation prompted Koscielniak to file a complaint with the Washington state Attorney General’s Office,” the Seattle Times reported.

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