Condi Rice Has Issued A Very Big Warning To The #MeToo Movement

With the swath of sexual misconduct allegations that have come out in recent months against seemingly everyone in just about every field you can imagine, there is one tangible that some might not particularity be prepared for.

There is the very distinct possibility that at some point in time there is going to be an allegation that comes out against someone that after an investigation is conducted turns out to be completely false and stems from someone trying to get even with somebody they do not like.

Now, let me get this straight; I am not insinuating that any of the women (and in some cases men) that have come forward are making things up. However, what I am saying is that it would not be out of the realm of possibility for someone to make a false accusation against someone if only to make their life very uncomfortable for a while.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke on the positives of the #MeToo movement Saturday but also cautioned against the potential negatives that could arise from the recent trend.

Rice joined CNN’s David Axelrod on his show “The Axe Files,” where the two discussed the recent social media movement that has seen countless victims — particularly women — reveal stories of past domestic and sexual misconduct.

While Rice stated that the movement is “a good thing,” she also warned that people must “be a little bit careful” when responding to it.

The former secretary of state added that she doesn’t want society “to get to a place that men start to think, ‘Well maybe it’s just better not to have women around.’ I’ve heard a little bit of that. And it, it worries me.”


While the warning may be perceived by some to be insensitive, Rice made it known that her intent is not to “belittle” those who have used the movement to publicize their harrowing experiences.

“Well I’ve certainly had people say inappropriate things,” Rice said.

“I’ve certainly had people suggest that maybe we should just go out — and you know — and situations in which it was somebody more senior than I,” she added.

However, Rice made clear that she “never had anyone do anything that I would consider assault.

“But I don’t know a woman alive who hasn’t had somebody say or do something that was inappropriate at best and aggressive at worst.”

The conversation then aptly turned to the recent speech given by famed television host Oprah Winfrey and the political rumors surrounding her after the speech, prompting Axelrod to ask Rice if she had any advice for Winfrey.

“I would say to Oprah, be sure that you really want to be a politician,” the former secretary of state said.

She added: “If you’re contemplating running for office, just recognize that we put people through a brutal process. And they don’t come out quite the same,”

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