SICK: CNN Host Caught On Camera Saying Obama Was Next Best Thing To Jesus..

I remember a time, very long ago when you could rely most of the time on CNN to give you the news and just give you the news. You didn’t have to worry about them inundating you with hogwash opinion after hogwash opinion.

Now it seems every person that goes on that poor excuse for a network is just trying to see how much they can insult people they don’t agree with and slobber all over people that they do agree with.

I mean, their Obama hero worship is so out of control that they are saying that he was just as important a person to humankind as Jesus…

It’s enough that they put out fake news and feed Americans with BS all day, but now they are making extremely sick comments, such as this one.

When is enough, enough? These guys are out of hand.

‘Fake News’ CNN political commentator, Angela Rye made a pretty sick comparison between former President Barack Obama and JESUS CHRIST. Yes, you heard that right…the Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins, performed miracles on people, and rose from the dead.

Rye made the comparison while discussing the investigation into alleged links between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, as well as Trump’s accusation that the Obama administration wiretapped him, which, by the way…has since been proven.

“If this would have been under the Obama administration, there would be no end to this,” she said.

“Barack Obama had to be the next best thing to Jesus, and here we are just two months in and some change there is issue after issue.”

“Maybe it’s not Russian collusion, maybe its collusion with the intel committee chair. But it’s highly problematic,” Rye added.

What a friggin’ loony.

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