After PERFECT PHYSICAL, CNN Hires Doctor To Say That Trump Is Sick And Dying…

CNN’s new job is to hate Donald Trump. Let’s get that out of the way right now; there’s no two ways around that one.

From all accounts Barack Obama smoked through a good portion of his time in office yet nobody jumped up and started asking if there was an oxygen tank on standby at all times in case his lungs decided to quit and go home early.

Yet, Donald Trump is on the same garden variety medications that anyone at his age would be on and the mainstream media wants to make it sound like he’s FDR trying to run the Boston Marathon.

Even though a White House doctor just saw President Trump and determined that he was in ‘excellent’ health, CNN hired their own doctor to diagnose Trump over the television and contradict Trump’s doctor.

“When you look at the findings you just put up there, Alisyn — this coronary calcium score is a score a lot of cardiologists use to try and be predictive and be proactive. And if the number gets up over a hundred, that is concerning to a lot of doctors,” said CNN doctor Sanjay Gupta.

“It’s concerning because you start to say if you do nothing different, if things don’t change, you can start to predict the likelihood that some sort of heart event, some sort of cardiac event — a heart attack or something like that — within a certain number of years,” he said.

“And you see the trajectory of President Trump’s numbers — no doubt, and I think Dr. Jackson alluded to this because of his diet and because of his lack of exercise, that would be part of the reason those numbers have likely gone up,” he said.

 “And they have continued to go up despite the fact that he’s been on medication. So the president has heart disease. Those numbers qualify him for having heart disease. And it clearly needs a plan to prevent some kind of heart problem down the road,” said Gupta. Has CNN literally become Fake News? Check out the video below.

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