With Libs Panicking, Clooney Has Openly Admitted The Truth About Trump

The quiet little fit that George Clooney has been throwing about Donald Trump has been going on for quite some time. Being a died in the wool liberal, Clooney couldn’t come up with a nice thing to say about the President if his life depended on it.

Ever since President Donald Trump won the 2016 general election, Democrats have been looking to 2020 in the hopes that they will find a candidate to easily defeat Trump.

Even now, a year later, it doesn’t appear the Democrats have any obvious candidate to run. Hollywood actor George Clooney recently admitted as much in an interview, The Washington Times reported.

In an interview with the U.K. Sunday Times, Clooney admitted that right now there are no Democrat candidates who stands a good chance of defeating Trump in 2020.

“I sat with the Democratic committee and said, ‘You guys keep coming to us for money, but you don’t come to us for the one thing we know how to do,’ which is make a poster that steals opening weekend,” Clooney explained.

“But we don’t have a good Democratic candidate yet. We don’t have anybody who lights up a room,” he added.

That is 100 percent true. None of the potential candidates who have been floated around have the name recognition, charm, or even general competence to be able to win in a general election.

“People didn’t vote for (Trump) because he accomplished anything. They knew him. And they were, like, he’s exciting. He says outlandish stuff. That’s fun. He’s got a star on Hollywood Boulevard,” Clooney claimed.

Well, Trump ran a massively successful business for quite some time, so I would say that was quite an accomplishment.

“You need what Barack Obama had: he showed up and you went, ‘That guy speaks to my voice,’” Clooney said.

While President Barack Obama may have been a terrible president, he was a good communicator, and he was able to essentially talk his way into the White House.

The Democrats don’t have anyone else like that. All they have left are stiff politicians who look like they are in pain when they try to smile.

“Democrats in general are very passive. In debates, the Republican will go, ‘That guy’s bad, and that guy’s good.’ And the Democrat will say, ‘Well, I understand what you’re saying, because your parents were alcoholics …’ And the reality is that you need people who go, ‘That’s good. That’s bad,’” Clooney added.

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