Clinton Aide Has MELTDOWN On Live Television…Takes His Ball And Goes Home…

One thing that you can always say about liberals in the terms of things being a universal truth they are definitely a taking their ball and going home lot of people..Even before Democrats had a chance to see the Republican tax plan, they were spouting their usual talking points about how it would only help the rich and would destroy the economy.

Even after the plan was released, the talking points have continued, but some people aren’t going to let the Democrats get away with that. Fox News host Melissa Francis is one of those people.

On Wednesday’s airing of “Happening Now,” Francis spoke to Simon Rosenberg, a former aide to former President Bill Clinton, and David Avella, the GOPAC chairman, about the Republicans’ tax plan.

Let’s just say the discussion didn’t go well. In fact, it ended with Rosenberg taking off his mic while still on air, and vowing to never come back on the show.

Francis had asked Rosenberg what he believes needs to change in the Republican tax plan in order for some Democrats to get on board.

Rather than answering the question, Rosenberg just launched into the usual Democrat talking points — and Francis quickly called him out for it.

“You are doing talking points,” Francis said to Rosenberg, interrupting his speech.

“I am answering the question. Democrats are not going to support tax reform that dramatically cuts taxes on people that don’t need tax cuts and prevents middle-class people from sharing in the benefits of these tax cuts while driving up the deficit,” Rosenberg stated — never actually answering the question.

You can watch the full segment below. Rosenberg’s tantrum begins at 5:23.


A little while later in the exchange, Francis once again tried to get Rosenberg to list something he would like to see changed in the bill.

Once again, Rosenberg refused to give an answer and just recited his talking points.

“Repeating yourself isn’t helping the argument,” Francis stated. “I’m asking you, like we’re asking everyone, to come to the table and try to offer something productive.”

Of course Rosenberg couldn’t come up with anything productive — which is pretty much in line with what Democrats are doing these days.

“Melissa, don’t worry, because I’m never coming back on this show ever again, so it doesn’t really matter, thank you,” said a very angry Rosenberg.

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