Tucker Carlson Just BLEW The Lid Off The Vegas Shooting Coverup….

Recently, Tucker Carslon had traveled to Las Vegas to find out some further information about the deadliest mass shooting in our nation’s history.

The revered television host spent time speaking with Doug Poppa, a former security official for a major casino and the attorney for the victims Catherine Lombardo.

Carlson had said that the authorities have disclosed nothing about Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley or the location of the city’s over forty member SWAT team on the night of the shooting.

He stated that his production staff encountered sickeningly hostile responses or outright silence from local law enforcement officials.

Lombardo added that she has been mostly unable to get any of her own questions answered.

She added that the lawyers for MGM, the parent company of the casino where Paddock carried out the deadly shooting have essentially locked themselves in a room and refused to meet with anyone since the day after the shooting.

It’s fairly obvious to anyone with a set of eyes that what these attorneys form the casino are doing are protecting their client or preparing to engage in defending them from claims of gross negligence in security measures on the night of the shooting.

Lombardo finally mentioned something that would make anyone’s face turn beet red with anger. The last piece of information that she received was the event permit for the music festival that was being held near the casino on the night of the shooting.

Strangely enough it was filled out by an executive for MGM and not the live event organizer itself.


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