Brad And Angelina Just RISKED Their Careers To DEFY Obama With THIS

Hollywood “stars” literally go along with anything Obama says.

But from time to time somebody wakes up…

According to The Political Insider, Brad and Angelina took a stand for the Second Amendment this week by having two custom made guns designed for themselves. Obama has been trying to destroy the Second Amendment since he took office, but that hasn’t stopped Brad and Angelina from exercising their Second Amendment rights!

“I built this custom pair of Cisco 1911’s for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Both are Government size,” Jesse James of Jesse James Firearms Unlimited explained. “Her’s is chambered in 9mm and his in .45acp . Both are hand fit from all oversize parts, making them incredibly accurate, well shooting pistols.”

Angelina’s gun is engraved with the words “Mama Knows Best.”


As for Brad, his gun proudly reads, Big Papa.”


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