The NFL’s Biggest Anthem Kneeler Has Given Up!

One of the great inconsistencies about the argument that a lot of the NFL anthem kneelers have been using is the notion of police brutality despite the fact that a glaring ratio of active NFL players have criminal records.

Michael Bennett has established himself as one of the most political NFL players. You might remember that he made up a story about the Las Vegas police abusing him simply because he’s black in order to push the liberal narrative that cops hate black people. It was a lie.

From Outkick The Coverage: Yesterday afternoon the Las Vegas police, after reviewing 193 different videos of that night, released a two minute video that proves their officers didn’t racially profile Bennett, didn’t use excessive force, and treated Bennett with respect throughout their interaction.

(Bennett’s defenders, a tiny group compared to the people who initially believed him, are complaining because this video is edited, but that’s because it’s spliced together from multiple cameras to give a coherent picture of what transpired that night.)

On top of that, Bennett has been one of the most dedicated anthem kneelers.

From CBS Sports: Michael Bennett’s protest against racial injustice by sitting during the national anthem continued on Sunday night before the Seahawks‘ Week 4 game against the Colts. This time, he was joined by eight of his teammates.

Lovely. It has been frustrating to watch so many players disrespect the flag and those who died for it over a political grievance. That’s not how things are supposed to work. Thursday night, some good news. Michael Bennett appeared to have a change of heart.

From The Daily Caller: As tensions over the National Anthem continue to mount, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett decided to abandon his protests and take a stand before last night’s game.

On Wednesday, Bennett had hinted that he might stand for the Anthem with Veterans Day coming up this weekend. His father, Bennett Sr, is a Navy veteran and has expressed solidarity with his son’s protest for criminal justice reform.

Well how about that? Sadly, this might not be a permanent thing.

But don’t expect Bennett to be a changed man forever. It’s been widely reported that he’ll probably go back to kneeling in the coming games. But for right now, showing some respect for our troops is something that can’t go unnoticed.

Apparently, the NFLPA passed a resolution asking players to stand this Sunday.

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