WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Somehow Thinks The Anthem Protests Are President Trump’s Fault…

There is something to be said in this world for people who actively exercise self-accountability. You will see it when you least expect it sometimes but it is always reassuring when it happens.

Most people that are honest will do this without even thinking. They are the types of folks that would see someone drop a hundred dollar bill on the ground outside a grocery store and walk up to the person to hand it back to them.

They are the people that stay after work to make sure that a job is done that they were supposed to get done by a certain time. They are certainly not the people that make a mistake that someone told them not to make and then blame everyone but themselves when the fallout occurs.

NFL players love saying their protests have nothing to do with disrespecting America or the troops. Nobody believes them, but they keep saying it.

The guy who started the protests initially, Colin Kaepernick, actually said he knelt for the national anthem because he was against America, so… Now, Green Bay Packers star QB Aaron Rodgers is just the latest player to get his foot stuck in his mouth.

He went after President Trump.

From Gateway Pundit: Aaron Rogers: This is about something bigger than that. An invitation to show unity in the face of some divisiveness from the top in this country.

More from The Hill: Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Thursday night said NFL protests are about showing unity in the face of divisiveness from President Trump.

At a press conference following his team’s victory over the Chicago Bears, Rodgers charged the president with being divisive without mentioning his name.

“It’s never been about the national anthem, it’s never been about the military,” Rodgers said of the protests.

Dude. Get it together.

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