A Never Trump Moron Insulted This Woman For Being Flat Chested…When She Learned Why She Was Tongue Tied!

I don’t know how some people that are in journalistic positions can resort to being so damned juvenile and mean sometimes…

Dana Loesch, known as a Ted Cruz supporter who refuses to ever consider backing Donald Trump, has been on a tirade lately. Recently, she made a huge mistake, calling a Trump supporter names and referring to her as a blond bimbo with a flat chest. Later, the shocking truth would come out, and people are shaking their heads as Dana refuses to make a proper apology.

The Trump supporter is CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany, who has been recently on television calling for all conservatives to unifying around Donald Trump. Loesch is a “never Trump” person, and she is getting really nasty since Ted Cruz dropped out. Yesterday on her radio program, she trashed Kayleigh.


On Monday, Loesch went off on McEnany on her radio program, mocking her bleach blond hair, pearly teeth and flat chest. While McEnany never hurled any personal insults at Loesch and her pals on CNN Reliable Sources on Sunday, for them, being conservative is deeply personal.

The problem with Loesch making fun Kayleigh’s flat chest is that Kayleigh has had a double mastectomy. That’s right, Loesch, who likens herself to “being in the trenches” and wants everyone to think the way she does, meaning if you support Trump surely you are a fake conservative and a traitor to America, put her foot so far into her mouth, she should be gagging on it. Rightfully, people are waiting for her to make an apology to Kayleigh.

Loesch’s pride is too big, so no real apology is coming. Instead, when Loesch learned of Kayleigh’s plight, that she elected to undergo a double mastectomy because she is BRCA1 positive, which means she carries the gene that has an extremely high rate for breast cancer, Loesch didn’t care.

Instead, she went into a rant about her own family’s history of cancer and made it about herself. Loesch said, “While I don’t know her or anything about her, it changes nothing about the kind of environment Kayleigh believes is best for America or my point.”

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